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Gerard Hogan


Power corrupts. When combined with money it can be dangerous, as lawyer Patrick O’Leary finds out. Patrick’s love for Melissa, the daughter of the Queensland police minister, leads him to a life pursuing power and money.

But, what of the dangers? Politicians, police, crime lords, drug dealers, even spies - everywhere he turns he sins deeper into corruption.  Is there no safe haven? Is there nothing pure in life? After all the deception, is redemption possible? Must it come at the cost of his love for Melissa?

Corruption traces Patrick's life from the 1980s to the present as he attempts to find answers to these questions and stay alive.

Crime And Corruption

Welcome to the world of  Corruption

Corruption traces the life of Patrick O’Leary, (AKA Frank Foreshaw, Terence Carmichael and Martin Gordon) from his beginnings as a lawyer in Brisbane to a facilitator of corrupt politicians in three States, ending up 'by appointment, Money Launderer to the Crown' in Canberra.

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